Web Links

Web Links

As there is no need to reinvent the wheel, there is no need to create a complete blogroll from scratch.  However here are a few of our favorite blogs/podcasts and a few words about there content.  For a more extensive list of the content available in the blogosphere here is a link list.   Google Foam is a great way to search all of them.

Life in the Fast Line-Mike Cadogan and Chris Nickson lead the charge for FOAMed. 

What is FOAMed?.  These guys really do a terrific job.  This website really has everything.  Case reports, ECG library, Lit Reviews, and a hub for all social media in medicine content.

Broome Docs–  A GP in Western Australia writes about all things Primary Care/Emergency Medicine.  A great fox compendium.  Terrific for medicine in austere conditions

Emcrit – Who doesn’t know Scott Weingart?  Great content on all things critical care

Resus.me– Another great blog with all kinds of good ED content

Academic Life in EM –  This is a great resource coming out of UCSF.  Terrific educational content–Try PV cards when staffing med student in ED


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